The Video Post-Production Guide to Transcription

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Tell a better story in less time with a more efficient and collaborative post-production workflow

Video teams lose time during post-production looking through footage for the right soundbites, quotes, and “golden moments” to tell the best narrative. With transcription, there’s an easier way to find them.

What can video editors do to save time searching through their footage for hours on end? How can they know that there’s not a better take or another quote that will add better context to the story? With hours of video to dig through, how can production companies ensure they’re exceeding their clients’ expectations and managing their teams effectively?

Offloading video transcription for your projects can help free up time and make your video production workflow more effective.

In The Video Post-Production Guide to Transcription, we share the learnings from interviews with leading video teams around building the most efficient post-production workflow using transcription.

This guide includes:

  • What is video transcription
  • What should be in a video transcript
  • The types of projects that require transcription
  • How do you transcribe video footage
  • How do you edit using transcripts
  • Where does transcription fit in the video editing workflow
  • And more

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