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Bluprint Save 134 Hours per Year with Rev

“Rev’s quality is so good we’re able to streamline our workflow and cut out manual editing steps. Now we pull Rev’s captions in through our CMS and automatically publish them to our website.”

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Kate Deutmeyer
Digital Media Manager

Results With Rev

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20% Fewer

files rejected per year
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95% of Videos

captioned within 24 hours
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75% Reduction

in turnaround time

Results With Rev

Spotify provides "Music for Everyone"

With over 20 million subscribers, Spotify is one of the largest digital content streaming services. Users can choose from millions of songs, along with innovative video and audio content, to enjoy wherever they are. They can listen for free or subscribe to the service for additional features.

As Head of Post Production, Rodney oversees original video and podcast content. Each piece of content produced requires an accurate transcript. To keep pace with Spotify’s workflow, he must submit the transcripts quickly to production staff for editing.

About Bluprint

Bluprint provides learning experiences from world-class experts in more than 20 categories

Bluprint is a lifestyle learning digital platform featuring classes taught by world-class experts in more than 20 categories including crafts, art, cooking, and dance, among others. They have a library consisting of more than 1,300+ classes and video series available on-demand across several platforms. Bluprint aims to inspire people of all skill levels and lifestyles to pursue their passions anytime, anywhere.

To make their content more accessible, they decided to add video captions to all original and acquired content. Early on, Bluprint was using a caption vendor that consistently delivered poor quality captions, which were constantly rejected. This slowed Bluprint’s workflow down significantly as staff had to manually go in and correct files. “We had a different vendor and were rejecting a lot of files. It was adding quite a bit of extra work as our staff had to reject and then fix errors ourselves,” describes Kate.

About Bluprint

Customer Challenges

Finding a vendor who provides accurate captions

Kate Deutmeyer led the process of testing different caption vendors. As the Digital Media Manager, Kate handles the curation of Bluprint’s digital content. “We tested Rev against our old vendor as well as a couple of other vendors, and Rev nailed it,” recalls Kate. “We submitted a test order and the quality was really impressive.”

By partnering with Rev, Bluprint receives accurate captions for all of their videos. Using proprietary marketplace and editing technology, Rev ensures that 95% of Bluprint’s videos are captioned within 24 hours. And, unlike other vendors, Rev is able to deliver this turnaround while maintaining 99% accuracy. “We’ve been using Rev for 5 years and I can count on one hand how many times we've rejected a Rev file. It's been a phenomenal experience. The quality is fantastic.” Using Rev, Bluprint saw a 20% decrease in the number of caption files it rejected due to quality problems. In fact, Rev’s quality was so good that Bluprint cut out manual editing steps from their workflow.

“We’ve been using Rev for 5 years and I can count on one hand how many times we've rejected a Rev file. It's been a phenomenal experience. The quality is fantastic.”


Accurate captions help Bluprint cut out manual steps from their workflow

While quality and price were both paramount for Kate, it was also important that the vendor integrate well with her team’s workflow. “We have a pretty strong in-house engineering team and we were looking for a partner that could integrate with our systems,” Kate explains. Rev’s API gives them the ability to automatically submit orders and receive finished caption files through their CMS without having to log into the Rev platform.