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CH Media Connects with Dedicated Fans Through Accessibility in Captions

When other people in the biz come to me and ask me about captions or accessibility, my first answer is always, ‘Go to Rev. Don't don't even question it. Just go to Rev. It will make your life 50 times easier. Just do it.’

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Andrew Bridgman
Chief Digital Officer, CH MEDIA

Results With Rev

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85% decrease in time spent on caption quality control

from 20 hours down to 3 hours
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Streamlined video production for a small team

thanks to the Rev Captions Editor
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Improved community engagement

with accurately captioned 2-3 hour episodes

About CH Media

A Digital Media Platform for Dedicated Fans

CH Media is home to an impressive portfolio of award-winning digital properties, including CollegeHumor, Dorkly, Drawfee, and the recently launched subscription service DROPOUT. A subsidiary of internet and media holding company IAC, CH Media’s ad-supported properties are highly sought-after by brands who want to reach a younger, entertainment-loving audience with original content that is hilarious, relevant, and impactful. 

CollegeHumor’s sketch comedy, Dorkly’s comics, and Drawfee’s beloved illustrators are adored by legions of fans with an insatiable appetite for original comedy, and DROPOUT expands the worlds of fan-favorite characters and creators with members-only premium mixed-media content and interactive community features.

Within their subscription service Dropout.tv, CH Media runs a variety of show-specific channels for comedy, fantasy, gaming, and everything in between. To satisfy dedicated fans, they strive to maintain a high level of accessibility across all of their video content.

In order to scale their quality control and meet jargon-specific requirements, CH Media leverages Rev’s Captions, helping them save time, streamline workflows, and reduce the number of community-corrected errors on their video captions.

Customer Challenges

Bringing Accessibility to Unscripted Media

Dropout’s flagship show is Dimension 20, in which a cast of about seven people play popular tabletop Role Playing Games (RPGs) like Dungeons & Dragons. Dimension 20 episodes are typically anywhere from 60 to 180 minutes long, and run for 20 episodes per season.

In order to provide an engaging and accurate experience for subscribers, CH Media’s team had to make accessibility a priority, and that meant finding the right provider to meet their specific language needs and turnaround timeline.

Back when they were hosting their videos on YouTube, CH Media was focused on brief, tightly scripted two to three minute shows. They relied on YouTube’s auto-generated captions or sourced them from their fan community. But when they wanted to branch out into their own platform, CH Media leadership knew that they had to step up their captioning game.

“There's very specific lingo and among people who are familiar with the games and everything, they will be very upset if you misspell certain spell names or certain checks,” said Andrew Bridgman, CH Media’s Chief Digital Officer. “It's very improv heavy, not every sentence comes out perfectly, so it's really, really key to have accurate, well-made captions.”

CH Media chose Rev’s Captions offering to ensure consistent, reliable quality at scale. With customization options and Rev’s captioners working on their files, the content team were able to spend less time on quality control.

“We don't honestly have a ton of bandwidth, so it's really nice that things are working so well because if things were working less well, it would have to be someone's job entirely to manage this process.” Andrew Bridgman Chief Digital Officer, CH MEDIA


Accurate Content, Happy Audiences

As a Captions customer, CH Media’s team has access to Rev’s network of over 70,000 freelancers. These Revvers meticulously caption cross-talk, speaker accents, mumbling, and apply glossary terms for the RPG videos.

One of CH Media’s favorite benefits of working with Rev is our interactive Caption Editor with a built-in video player. They have no need to download a third-party program or flip between caption and video during their review process. Additionally, the option to insert their own burned-in captions with Rev lets CH Media control the captions’ appearance within the video. But most importantly, Revvers go above and beyond in terms of accuracy and attention to detail.

“Since we started working with Rev more closely, the captions that come out of Rev are incredible,” said Bridgman. “Proper names that I wouldn't assume anyone would get are consistently gotten right, especially things that you'd only know the proper spelling of if you look this up on the Dimension 20 Fan Wiki. That's the degree that I see nowadays, which is really, really impressive.”

Helping a Small Team Save Time & Drive Productivity 

Bridgman is one half of a small, two-man team who are responsible for submitting videos to Rev and editing the corresponding caption files. With Rev’s 99 percent accurate captions and fast turnaround times, Bridgman and his team don’t have to spend valuable time digging through the files and correcting errors. Instead, they can do a light quality check and move on to more important tasks. 

Thanks to Rev, a process that used to take 20 hours now takes 2 to 3 hours, according to Bridgman.

“We don't honestly have a ton of bandwidth so it's really nice that things are working so well because if things were working less well, it would have to be someone's job entirely to manage this process,” Bridgman said.

Accessibility is the Standard 

The digital media space has only grown more competitive in recent years. CH Media knows they need to provide stellar content to reach a broad audience willing to pay for a subscription. With their past YouTube and community-generated captioning behind them, the content team focused on providing a higher level of accessibility alongside their engaging entertainment. 

“We don't ever release anything that's not captioned, and so there have been scrambles in the past like, ‘Okay, this is coming out real fast so we gotta get it done,’" said Bridgman. “Rev has that option to rush an order and everything. We've definitely used that before. We've definitely held off releasing content specifically to wait for the captions to come in.”