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Haas Automation Saves up to Two Hours per Video With Rev Subtitling

“Rev is an exceptional tool for marketing. We’re able to submit one video and get it back in 15 different languages. I don't know why anybody would use a different service.” collaborate on stories in ways we never thought possible."

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Bryan O'Fallon
Video Production Manager

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8 Hours

average turnaround for files submitted in the past year team's workflow: API, mobile app, or website
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2 Hours Saved

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Results With Rev

Spotify provides "Music for Everyone"

With over 20 million subscribers, Spotify is one of the largest digital content streaming services. Users can choose from millions of songs, along with innovative video and audio content, to enjoy wherever they are. They can listen for free or subscribe to the service for additional features.

As Head of Post Production, Rodney oversees original video and podcast content. Each piece of content produced requires an accurate transcript. To keep pace with Spotify’s workflow, he must submit the transcripts quickly to production staff for editing.

About Haas Automation

Largest Machine Tool Builder

Haas Automation is the largest machine tool builder in the Western world. They manufacture a complete line of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) vertical and horizontal machining centers, along with CNC lathes and rotary products. With markets in Europe, America, and Asia, they require video marketing content in several languages.

As Haas’ Video Production Manager, Bryan O’Fallon manages the company’s video marketing strategy. This includes marketing videos and an extensive library of service and maintenance videos. Adding subtitles has allowed Haas to distribute each video to new markets and reach morecustomers.

About Haas Automation

Customer Challenges

A Labor-Heavy Subtitling Process

Before switching to Rev, Haas’ process for subtitling their videos was time-consuming and slow. Bryan describes the multi-step process required to obtain subtitles from their previous provider: “We had to provide them with the English transcript to begin with, as well as the timecodes. So basically, we were creating the English .srt file manually and then they would give us whatever languages we requested.”

Bryan and the team knew they needed a faster, more efficient way to create subtitles. The time wasted in manually typing the English files and timecodes before submitting for translation was a huge drain on resources. The typing alone required around 30 minutes for every five-minute file.

And along with the extra work involved, the cost was expensive and unsustainable. “At some point, we did a cost analysis and found out that our vendor was charging a ridiculous amount of money,” says Bryan.

Haas was eager to serve new markets with their video content. But they required a simpler, more affordable service that didn’t sacrifice technical accuracy.

The Haas video library includes their popular “Tip of the Day” series and various other instructional videos. The content demonstrates proper use of the tools and offers hints for more efficient operation. But as Bryan explains, the terminology is specialized and technical. “We sell a very technical product, and so we use a lot of words that are not familiar to most people.” This often presents a challenge for translators.

Because incorrect instructions in subtitles can risk safety and productivity, those “unfamiliar” words must be translated correctly. Haas requires a provider capable of precise technical translation into several languages.

“We had to provide them with the English transcript to begin with, as well as the timecodes. So basically, we were creating the English .srt file manually and then they would give us whatever languages we requested.“


Fast Subtitling with No Unnecessary Steps

When Haas found Rev, they were thrilled to learn they no longer needed to create an English transcript before submitting videos for translation. Instead, Bryan simply provides a source link to the video through Rev’s self-serve platform. Rev produces an English caption file, along with the foreign language subtitles, in one seamless process.

By eliminating the manual process of typing transcripts, Haas saves hours every day. Bryan loves the speed and convenience: “It couldn’t be easier than pasting the link onto Rev’s website and clicking ‘submit’. The simplicity of doing it is the other thing that we really like. And the speed at which Rev turns it around. Within 48 hours, we usually have all the languages.”

Just how significant was this breakthrough for their video marketing strategy?

“It was a game changer for us,” says Bryan.

Bryan was delighted with the speed and convenience Rev provides. But just as important was Rev’s ability to handle highly technical content. While high-quality translations could enhance the Haas brand worldwide, the opposite was also true. Low-quality translation could damage its brand perception with current and potential customers.

Could Rev’s translators provide the high degree of technical accuracy their customers required? 

For Haas, that answer is yes. Bryan and his team are impressed with Rev’s technically-accurate subtitles.

“I would say, from what I’ve seen Rev is 99% accurate with the technical terms.”