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Home Depot Cuts Subtitles Cost by 90% With Rev

“Rev has really allowed us to streamline our process. We’re able to get our English captions, Spanish subtitles, and document translations all in one place and at a great price. We collaborate on stories in ways we never thought possible."

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Craig Kelly
Learning Delivery Manager

Results With Rev

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90% Reduction

in cost for subtitles compared to previous vendor
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Videos Posted 7x

faster to LMS with Rev
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Free Captions

with every foreign language subtitle order

Results With Rev

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About The Home Depot

The World’s Largest Home Improvement Retailer
With over 450,000 employees across more than 2,300 stores in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, it’s crucial that The Home Depot make their training material accessible to all employees - no matter what language they speak. As the Manager of Learning Delivery, Craig Kelly produces and manages all educational content for The Home Depot stores in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Mexico. This includes:
  1. Employee training videos
  2. Supply and distribution training videos
  3. Leadership training and career development
  4. Product knowledge
With Rev, Craig and his team ensure all Home Depot employees get the training required to excel at their jobs. Craig observed, “Rev is a really great tool. We’re able to get our English captions, Spanish subtitles, and document translations all in one place, and at a great price.” By guaranteeing all employees have equal access to training and career development opportunities, The Home Depot is able to reduce costly, on-the-job mistakes and attract and retain dedicated and talented professionals.
About Rev

Customer Challenges

Finding a Partner That Delivers Captions, Foreign Language Subtitles, and Translations

Before finding Rev, Craig’s team used two different solutions: YouTube for captions and another vendor for subtitles and translations. Both methods were ineffective and costly. 

Since YouTube’s captions are automatically generated, there are often grammatical and spelling errors that forced Craig’s team to spend countless hours editing the files. “When we were using YouTube’s captions it was very time consuming because YouTube often picks up different words than what the person is actually saying. It would take us up to 2 hours per video to manually edit the captions,” explains Craig. 

Craig’s other vendor for subtitles and translations was also slowing his team down. “Our old vendor took a week or more to get the files back to us, and it was incredibly expensive,” says Craig. For Craig’s team, this means their projects took a long time to get completed. But the problem goes beyond that. Since their old vendor took a week to complete the subtitles, it meant non-English speakers received content one week after other employees. Craig understood that these methods were slowing the company down, so he decided it was time to look for another solution. 

Through his research, Craig found Rev and 3Play Media. “It was between Rev and 3Play Media. We ran a small test pilot and Rev came out on top. The navigation, functionality, turnaround, and cost is what really stood out for us, it was great.” Compared to 3Play Media, Rev delivers accurate captions, Spanish subtitles, and translations much faster and at a better price. Additionally, Rev’s easy-to-use interface makes placing orders and onboarding new team members much simpler.

“It saves us at least a couple hours a week. For us, that's huge, because it allows us to work on other projects.”

Solution Section

Rev saves The Home Depot Valuable Time and Money

Using Rev, Craig saw huge time and cost savings. Previously, Craig paid $500 to add English captions and Spanish subtitles for a 15 minute file, and would generally wait a week for his files to be returned. With Rev, Craig pays 1/10 of the price for both English and Spanish captions and receives his files 7 times faster. This allows all Home Depot employees to be able to access the same training material at the same time. They also uses Rev’s translation services to ensure that any additional written content can be made available to Spanish-speaking employees. This means The Home Depot can get its captions, subtitles and translations, all in one place. 

Because of the time savings Craig gets from Rev’s subtitles, he decided to use Rev for his caption needs. “We were using YouTube’s captions when we had scripts, but it was still taking up a lot of my team’s time,” explains Craig. “I told them, ‘Let's just use Rev for everything.’ We just started doing that recently and we’ve already seen improvements.” Because of Rev’s 99% accurate captions, his team no longer has to manually edit caption files and saves an average of 2 hours per file. Rev’s price and turnaround coupled with the quality made the choice a no-brainer.

The Home Depot team also leverages Rev’s shared accounts feature. With this feature, Craig is able to add users to his Rev account so everyone on his team can work seamlessly. “With the shared account feature, we’ve streamlined the process. Our instructional designers can upload the files and then give us the final SCORM package for us to upload to our learning management system,” says Craig. “It saves us at least a couple hours a week. For us, that's huge, because it allows us to work on other projects.”