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Resonate Recordings Add Value and Support Clients with Rev Transcripts

“As we’ve matured and grown as a company we’ve recognized that we can’t do everything. So it’s valuable to have a partner like Rev create a value add-on for our clients with transcription.”

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Adam Hendricks
Production Manager, Resonate Recordings

Results With Rev

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Easy Rev.com API integration

supports end-user transcription needs
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Improved client retention

with Rev’s value-added transcription services
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Simplified editing speed and clarity

with time-stamped transcripts

About Resonate Recordings

Supporting the Boom in Podcasting

Resonate Recordings was founded in 2014 to support the burgeoning podcast movement. They are a collective of audio, creative branding, and podcasting professionals who are committed to making podcasting easier. 

This group of passionate and experienced people serves more than 2,500 clients. Their customer base ranges from Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs to influencers, and hobbyists. Whether you’re creating a comedy show, a hit true-crime series, or a guerrilla marketing campaign, Resonate supports all things audio.

As a customer-first organization, Resonate prides itself on making life simple for its clients. As long as someone can talk into their microphone and give editing notes, Resonate’s team of experts can take care of the rest. They strive to provide white glove services that help podcasters shine through headphones.

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Customer Challenges

Missing Puzzle Piece for Customer Support

As a podcast production company Resonate prides itself on understanding all the nitty-gritty details of post-production and audio editing. They want to be a one-stop-shop for podcasters and build strong customer retention. But according to Resonate Production Manager Adam Hendricks, that’s easier said than done. “In the past, what we most often heard clients say in leaving Resonate is ‘there's a lot of features and services I need, but you guys only provide part of the puzzle,’” he said.

One of those most requested features by clients was transcription. Podcasters have a particular rhythm and flow they want their episodes to follow.“We'll get instances where we get a six-page paragraph of formatted editing instructions,” Hendricks said, “and our engineers have to read and decipher the client’s meaning.” Maybe they want sound effects added, or clips moved to a different place in the recording. 

But Resonate audio engineers are not in the booth with the host. In fact, podcast editing is often an asynchronous process. And often a very time-bound process. Sending editing notes back and forth is time-consuming. So providing detailed recording edits makes the process smoother for all involved. 

However, Resonate was focused on growing its client base. The developer team did not have time to build out a model focused on timely and accurate transcription. And yet they wanted to deliver the best possible editing experience for their podcasting community. So Resonate went looking for a partner that could meet their transcription needs.

“We don't have to worry about transcriptions because you at Rev are the experts. And we trust that partnership. That's what's been most valuable for us, and that’s what I would tell someone else who was looking to use your services.” Adam Hendricks, Production Manager, Resonate Recordings


Customer Support Leads to Customer Success

Once Resonate added transcription as an add-on for its customers, the floodgates opened. Customers quickly took advantage of Rev’s editor tool to give specific notes, as well as add time-stamps within a podcast audio file. “The timestamp transcriptions are really valuable for us,” Hendricks said. “So our engineers can see exactly where to pop into the audio and fix whatever the client’s requesting.” 

However, the main wins were focused on the podcasts themselves. Resonate’s clients could use transcripts to improve their SEO rankings and expand their audience. More importantly, a broader audience could enjoy the content with improved accessibility through accurate transcripts. “When our clients are trying to figure out a podcast, which has a lot of moving parts, that transcription piece isn’t something they have to think about,” Hendricks said. “They just know ‘I’m working with Resonate, and I have that Rev integration.'"

Simple API Integration for Ease of Use 

Resonate’s main criteria in picking a speech-to-text provider was ease of use. Their client services focus on simplicity and any additions needed to stay in the same tone. Remember the one-stop-shop goal? “Rev has seamlessly integrated with our own platform that our clients log into,” Hendricks said, “Now, our clients can log into one platform, upload or download their podcast audio from our team, and immediately request a transcription of that audio with the click of a button.”

Hendricks’ team also enjoys their own ease of use, since they recently added Rev’s API. Once Resonate was confident in both Rev’s value to their customer base, they upgraded. “Just the difference of being completely integrated into our system now, versus having to upload and download in Rev when you're dealing with a high number of transcriptions a month, that does save time,” Hendricks said.