The Video Distribution Guide to Captions

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The Video Distribution Guide to Captions

Get your story heard by more audiences wherever you distribute content.

Video producers and distributors need captions not just to reach viewers with accessibility needs, but also to combat the growing audiences who watch videos on mute.

Your distribution strategy is aimed at delivering the best possible experience for viewers to consume your content. This strategy might include teaser videos, movie trailers, behind the scenes clips, interviews with the talent and crew, as well as fun videos to post on social media.

It’s clear—you’ve got the content and creative covered. You might, however, not be thinking about how the content will be watched and enjoyed by all audiences. Video producers and media companies need to make captions and subtitles a standard part of their distribution strategy.

Captions increase the value of your content. Audiences who need them, appreciate them. It shows you’ve considered all the viewers in your distribution strategy. It also gives value to your production as a whole.

In The Video Distribution Guide to Captions, we share the learnings from interviews with leading video teams around efficient and effective distribution of content using captions.

This guide includes:

  • What are captions
  • Why are captions necessary
  • What captioning requirements are there (ADA, VCAA, etc.)
  • What are captioning best practices
  • What are audience expectations for captions
  • What types of captions are there
  • And more

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