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Rev Saves Mississippi State University Television Center a Boatload in Caption Costs

"Rev has been a godsend for us. At the end of the day, we’re probably seeing a five-figure savings by using Rev for captions, rather than doing them in-house."

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David Garraway
Director, Television Center

Results With Rev

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Integrate with Rev in a variety of ways to simplify your team's workflow: API, mobile app, or website.
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Integrate with Rev in a variety of ways to simplify your team's workflow: API, mobile app, or website.
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Integrate with Rev in a variety of ways to simplify your team's workflow: API, mobile app, or website.

Results With Rev

Big Wins

Not only have they saved time and money, but thanks to foreign language subtitles, UTC is now reaching new markets with their award-winning media. With such a great all-around experience, Garraway said he looks forward to an even brighter future together.

“The interface is great, the turnaround time is fantastic, and the accuracy is hard to beat. We’ve never had a reason to stray from Rev.”

And we're looking forward to that, too.

About Mississippi State University

The Best Captions This Side of The...

As the producer of all (non-athletic) broadcasts for the state’s leading research university, the Mississippi State University Television Center handles the tall task of live and taped programming for their 24/7 cable channel, MSTV. If that wasn’t enough to keep them up all night (literally), they also produce content for the university’s social media outlets, educational outreach, and marketing videos for the university and its partner stations, as well.

So when UTC first came to Rev, their situation was clear: They made a lot of videos, they needed a lot of captions. But as it turns out, that heavy workload was just the beginning.

About Mississippi State University

Customer Challenges

Accuracy, Compliance, and Time


As David Garraway, the center's director, explains:  the bar for quality at UTC is exceptionally high. "We're not just putting things out to YouTube or Facebook. We've got some pretty specific requirements to meet, to make sure our captions are 100% broadcast-compliant," he said.

Mistakes mean extra work and headaches for everyone. The center needed a resource that could deliver error-free results for a high volume of diverse programming -- from interviews to live events to promotional videos and more -- all for a reasonable price.

Compliance and Accessibility

To comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and fulfill their university's mission, UTC captions all of the programming for their cable station. Even though . ADA compliance can be pretty rigorous, it's pretty standard stuff. But some UTC programming needed foreign language subtitles, too.

As it turns out, MSU is located in a culturally diverse area and its residents speak many languages, including Spanish and Vietnamese. When partner stations expressed a desire for content in their viewers' native languages, Garraway recognized an opportunity for reaching these viewers with subtitles. The expansion would include strict regulations for the new language markets, but surely somebody could help them with that...


When asked about the center’s scarcest resource, Garraway said, with no hesitation: “Our biggest limitation, by far, is time.” Hiring another employee for captioning would be inefficient; What they needed was a smooth, hassle-free process for offloading countless hours of tedious captioning and subtitling. No hiring. No training. No finding desk space. But was there a super-hero captioning service that could save them from the trouble?

“With global customers, it’s the next logical step to start getting our entire library subtitled in popular languages like Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, German and French.”


ROI, Freedom, and Expansion


After finding and trying Rev (through word of mouth, no less), Garraway was immediately impressed with both our quality and value: “We took the advice of another media organization and tried Rev,” he said. “Not only was the service cost-effective, but we found it was also very accurate.”

Working with Rev, UTC met all compliance standards without the need for a new hire. This has resulted in dramatic savings for the center, Garraway said.


In addition to the cost savings, Garraway says the center’s staff is now free to focus on what they do best—innovative media that benefits the whole community. “Rev has allowed us to devote staff time to creative endeavors, rather than technical endeavors,” he said. “Any time I can allow the staff to spend more in creative, I get a better product.”

As a proverbial cherry on top, Garraway and the team were also thrilled with Rev’s user interface and experience. “The system is so easy to use,” he said. “It’s one of those low-maintenance, don’t-have-to-worry-about-it services.”


Every organization wants to reach new audiences. But adding subtitles to their programs was more than marketing for UTC. As Garraway explains, it’s at the heart of the university’s mission of bringing education to everyone, regardless of their preferred language: “It’s important for Mississippi State to be accessible to all those trying to get an education, and having accurate subtitles is a key part of that.”