Unlocking Content Workflow Efficiency with Rev + Dropbox


Learn how to adapt to the changing media & entertainment landscape

It’s a weird world out there these days — movie theaters are in big trouble, distribution models have changed rapidly, and collaboration is mostly remote. With all this chaos, how can you adapt to make sure you're putting your best content out there? Dropbox and Rev have teamed up to make your workflow as seamless as possible to help you excel in the new media and entertainment landscape. Join us for a fireside chat with Dropbox, Rev, and the Creative Director of Kaleidoscope Pictures to learn more.

This live webinar and Q&A session will cover:

  • Why accessibility is table-stakes in today's media and entertainment environment
  • Use cases to improve team collaboration, optimize content development, and expand your content’s reach
  • How to use Rev + Dropbox to optimize your workflow
Bonus: All webinar registrants will receive an exclusive Dropbox discount. We hope to see you there!

This event's speakers are:

Adam Nielson, Creative Director of Branded Experience at Kaleidoscope Pictures

Adam has been creating video content since 1998—starting with content for UVU groups and expanding into distance education broadcast, documentary film, and building a startup that assembled computers to broadcast media in small-town cable networks in Utah in the mid-2000s. Since then, Adam's work has expanded into live event exhibitions, short-form documentary, motion graphics, podcast concepts, and translating client needs to creative teams at Kaleidoscope Pictures. Notable Recent Clients: Adobe, FranklinCovey, Ballet West, and Ancestry.

Andy Wilson, Director of Media at Dropbox

With over 17 years of experience working on feature films, broadcast innovation, early BBC iPlayer, product management, digital rights and the micro:bit for the BBC, Andy joined Dropbox from leading growth and technology delivery at the Digital Production Partnership, where he developed a new international format for exchanging video content and commercials. Andy now leads Media for Dropbox.

Ryan Sweeney, Head of Business Development & Partnerships at Rev

For over a decade, Ryan has been at the cross-section of Hollywood and Silicon Valley as a producer and technology advisor. He has been behind the camera and a part of complex video distribution and streaming strategies for startups and well-established players in the space. Today, Ryan focuses on working with's largest customers, new markets and building out technology integrations with the world's largest technology platforms.

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