Intellezy Reaches New Markets & Minds With the Help of Captions & Subtitles

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Talking Rev + Solutions with Intellezy’s John Dukarski-French

Intellezy helps employees quickly learn a variety of business-critical topics, like Microsoft Office or Adobe Suite, through easy-to-understand online videos. Growing quickly, they've created a veritable Libary of Alexandria of microlearning content. But what good such a huge compendium of knowledge be if all people couldn't access it?

Answer: Not ideal!

To ensure everyone can access their videos, Intellezy needs English captions on all of their genius content. But that’s not where our story ends. Alongside Rev, they go a step farther — adding foreign language subtitles to meet the growing international demand for their services.

Now, with great deal of experience captioning and subtitling at-scale, they want to share what they’ve learned along the way. Join Intellezy’s one-and-only John Dukarski-French with our one-and-only Danny Lambert as we pick his brain about video content, expanding into new markets, and more!

This Webinar and Q&A Session (AKA “Revinar”) will cover:

  • What Intellezy’s specific challenges in the world of video content looked like;

  • How Rev helped to identify and solve those challenges;

  • What Intellezy ultimately gained.

Meet the Speakers

John Dukarski-French, Senior Project Manager at Intellezy

As a senior project manager, John has more than a decade of experience in conducting, developing, and editing online and traditional classroom instruction and curriculum. In 2015, he began implementing and developing new training platforms/websites and managing training projects in the non-profit, for-profit, and government sectors.

Danny Lambert, Marketing Manager at Rev

Danny helps brands reach peak efficiency through the use of Voice-to-Text as a service. As a member of Rev's marketing team, Danny and his peers educate the market on the how Transcription, Captions, Subtitles, and Translation can positively impact our lives.

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Watch the Recording!