How MSU’s TV Center Went From In-House Captioning to 5-Figure Savings

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Talking Rev + Solutions with MSUTC’s David Garraway

As the producer of all non-sports broadcasts for the state’s leading research university, the Mississippi State University Television Center handles the tall task of both live and taped programming for their 24/7 cable channel. If that wasn’t enough, they also make content for the university’s social media outlets, for educational outreach stakeholders, and all the marketing videos for the university and its partners, as well.

When they came to Rev, the situation was clear: They made a lot of videos and they needed a lot of captions. Join us on January 15 at 12 pm CST to learn how the MSUTC’s move to Rev earned them back tons of savings, countless hours of productivity, and most of all, some real peace of mind.

This Webinar and Q&A Session will cover:

  • The challenges MSU’s Television Center was facing including accessibility, compliance, and more
  • How Rev helped MSUTC build a workflow to overcome these challenges efficiently and affordably
  • What the MSUTC ultimately gained from those solutions

This events speakers are:

David Garraway, Director of Mississippi State University Television Center

As Director of the University Television Center, David oversees the day to day operation of the university's full-service television production facility and staff. In addition to serving as a technical and creative resource for the university community, the TV Center works in conjunction with the Office of Public Affairs to provide high quality, meaningful programming designed to educate and inform.

Danny Lambert, Marketing Manager at Rev

Danny helps brands reach peak efficiency through the use of Voice-to-Text as a service. As a member of Rev's marketing team, Danny and his peers educate the market on the how Transcription, Captions, Subtitles, and Translation can positively impact our lives.

Watch the Recording of the Live Event

Watch the Recording!