How TE Connectivity Improved Translation Efficiency by 20x

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TE Connectivity provides solutions that power electric vehicles, aircraft, digital factories, smart homes and more. An organization that manufactures over 220 billion products annually needs all aspects of their business to be efficient and cost-effective.

In this customer showcase, we sit down with Tyler Wenger, a Communications Analyst at TE Connectivity, to discuss how he and his team use Rev to streamline their processes and reduce costs.

This live webinar and Q&A session will cover:

  • How TE Connectivity reduces their translation time by 20x
  • How TE Connectivity reduces costs and increases accuracy through their translation workflow
  • Why TE Connectivity selected Rev as their translation partner

This events speakers are:

Tyler Wenger, Communications Analyst at TE Connectivity

For the past two years Tyler has worked as a Communications Analyst at TE Connectivity, working with the corporate team while empowering business and function communicators to better reach and engage with their employees. Tyler partners with a range of global communicators to drive TE's editorial calendar, increase our news platform, and build employee engagement.

Nick Black, Enterprise Account Executive at Rev

For the past 3 years, Nick has worked to help build enterprise partnerships for Rev.com. Nick’s done this through communicating client needs and translating those into product innovation for Rev’s services across media, market research, and eLearning industries. Responsive, professional, and friendly, Nick is a key member of the Enterprise team and is truly passionate about helping organizations with their unique needs.

Watch the Recording of the Live Event

Watch the Recording!